Wild Woman 

I teach ATS with Opus Arts Collaborative & also
​Wild Sky Tribal at times.

8- Week ATS Level 1+ in Downtown Dallas, TX
     Starts June 8; Fort Work building
​     7:30-8:45 save $ $  by registering early!


*Sister/brotherhood. *Shared goals.  *Supportive environment and attitudes. *Sheer bliss.

All these things are what ATS means to me.  It is an incredible artform, found around the globe, created in the counter-culture of San Francisco by yoga enthusiasts.  Middle-Eastern, North African, Flamenco and Indian dances stirred in the great melting pot and this is what the tattooed ones created.  It's fan-freakin-tastic!  It's organized and ordered and thus, obtainable.  A learned language of the body with cues and movements that are designed for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.   There is order here, yet also creativity.  We dance together as a unit, but we are not duplicates- our bodies dance as individuals, always, yet together, we combine into a beautiful piece of art, supporting and being supported, never repeating the same dance twice, always learning. And we get to play dress up!  ;-)

American Tribal Style Belly Dance ©

To learn more, visit the place where this all started- fcbd.com