Wild Woman 

I hold no anger to people who say things like "At least you have other children; She's in a better place; All things happen for a reason."

Indeed, when I hear such things, they make me smile for I know that
the person speaking has not had to travel the hellish path my
family and I were forced upon when a drunk selfishly decided
to drive and removed our beautiful Yvonne from this planet.

How can I be angry at someone who simply. Cannot.
​Imagine. Such. Pain.

I feel gratitude that they are trying to offer comfort, but mostly,
​great gratitude that they have been spared this knowledge. 

For those of you who do understand this pain, I hope my words, my journey, can strengthen you, and help you find a way to walk forward, joyously, even while carrying the heavy burden of grief through the rest of this life.