​The Poetic Moving Meditations are taught as a choreography, with each movement broken down thoroughly for all levels of students, until, at the end, we can dance the entire poem, moving with intention, ease and seamless movements. A trued moving meditation.

Each of the stanzas of the poems are explored with guided images and a deeper meaning.  For example, the words of the poem here say, "I am Shaman."  The movement that correlates with this line is to step in each of the four, sacred directions.  While doing so, we delve deeper into the purpose of each- "Earth, finding, honoring, creating a strong foundation for the life we wish to lead." 

Depending on the poem, this process takes from one to three hours.  

The use of ethereal and powerful music allows us to make the most of this lead-and-follow style of dance.  Imagine stepping into a cardio dance class, but instead of "going for the burn" you are moving energy, walking through a story and exploring, expressing, playing with spirit.  There is no right or wrong way to do the moves since they are fused through ~you~ and are, therefore, what they need to be.  Movements can vary from slow and thoughtful to fire and transformation.

​This class/workshop can be used as a short warm up, or for an entire event.  Time ranges from 10-50 minutes.

We've all heard the story of Persephone.  If I were to say we were delving into this epic tale, many would expect an experience of rebirth, spring, or awakening.  All of those would be correct, but there are many, MANY elements of this ancient story that can help us navigate our modern world.

In Ruth Souther's book series, Immortal Journey, she speaks of a moment in this epic that most ignore- the moment when Persephone awakens in the underworld.  Here, she is a woman.  She has a husband of endless centuries who adores her.  Here, she has duties as the Queen of Souls, and they rejoice at her return and her care.  Here, she remembers everything.

In that one moment lay a hundred emotions and lessons.  This powerful goddess has no power to leave Hades, even if she wanted to (which she doesn't) but more than that, she has no way of knowing for sure that her husband will come to collect her in the fall as he has done each year.  When she is in the land of the living, her memories of being a woman are gone, stolen away by her mother's wishes. She is a maiden again. But in the land of Souls, she is a queen, a woman in her full power.

But when she awakens, and she sees that her husband has come for her again, and the souls are rejoicing, what does she do?  Does she wallow in doubt in worries? Does she scream at what she can't control? 

She makes a choice.  

We all have choices to make.  And in this guided, free- movement meditation, we walk through the dark hallways and endless landscapes with new eyes, seeking our own answers, together. 

The Epic Story in Dance as Meditation is best described as a moving, guided meditation.  Instead of laying down, you are sitting up, or standing, or moving around, as the story and soft music dictates.  Participants can follow the guide directly, or move in their own, unique ways.   1 hour minimum, up to three.


Poetic Moving Meditation

I am Shaman,

 witch of old, healer

 My dwelling is clean

 to hold my intentions clear

 I dance to fling off

 the dead wood

 I dance to raise the earth fire

 ecstatic spin

 through every cell          ....excerpt from a poem by Annie Eastwood

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There are poems that touch the very core of self, ​and moving to them is as powerful, healing and cleansing as anything available.

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Epic Story

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