GYPSY IMPROV- Using the FaNtAsTiC music of Kan'Nal, Faun and other groups, we'll learn the movements, combos, and simple story-telling additions that make this so unique.  Open to all levels of dancers, including beginners- this is unique.  We have a few extra skirts if needed.  Bring your 25-yard skirt if you have one. Improv classes are generally 6- weeks

​GYPSY CHOREOGRAPHIES- These change depending upon the number of students and the length of the class.  All have a heavy, but no sole us of the large skirt.  Choreography classes are generally 8-weeks.

Wild Woman Gypsy Dance

Dance should be JOYOUS, it should make you laugh and smile while you dance it, and while you watch it.  AND, if it can tell you a little story while doing so, then that's all the better.

​Come join me- it's time to RELEASE THE GYPSIES!

​November 5th. 10:00am- Springfield Illinois
​2-hour workshop- Improv Gypsy Combos $35

Wild Woman